CCC Regulations

Lacrosse Rules

LACROSSE (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations

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All boys’ contests shall be governed by N.C.A.A. and all girls’ contests by U.S.W.L.A. rules and/or as amended by the C.I.A.C. and the C.C.C.

A. The home team shall provide:
a. A properly marked field for the varsity and JV games.
b. Field markings should include team and scorers areas.
c. Tables and chairs for a scorer and timer as well as team benches.
d. Clocks for contest timing and an air horn.
e. Goals should be painted white or orange. For girl’s contests, any additional goal supports, which are exposed, must be padded the entire length with material which limits the rebound of the ball (Rule 4).
B. Competition:
a. The current USWLA rules will be followed by all competing teams.
i. After a team receives four cards, whether they are red or yellow, the next player penalized must sit in the penalty box for two minutes and her team will play a player down unreasonable, for the duration of the penalty. This is a girl’s rule only. (A.D. Committee 6-3-94).
b. All CIAC policies governing athletics will be adhered to.
c. All games must have certified board officials.
C. Scheduling:
a. Beginning with the spring 1998 season, all scheduling for both boys and girls lacrosse will be developed by the conference Scheduler/webmaster. (A.D. Committee 12-5-96).
b. It is recommended that games be played on Tuesday and Friday or Saturday.
c. Weekday starting times should be 4:00 p.m. to allow for ample travel time and a JV game with no lost school time.
d. Girl’s regulations - All teams will play conference opponents once.
e. Boy’s regulations - Two divisions of seven will play each other once. The league scheduling committee will schedule two games against opponents from the other division.